Strawbale roundhouse & rainwater harvesting

Meeting a  need for food storage and a rainwater harvesting system

Some Words About This Project

Roundhouse rainwater store

Having a reliable water supply has been a priority for some time.  Our existing shallow well fills with water that has a high iron content, and which is not great to drink, even when filtered. We do have a mains supply, but have no control over the chemical content, and it is metered. Also it could be vulnerable in the event of a more widespread power failure.

We do have an abundance of roof area however, and so rainwater harvesting would provide an ample supply.

Notes – survey – where to put the store, how big to make the store. Commercial systems seem to be in the order of 3000 – 10,000 litres and tanks are expensive. Examine water consumption to predict necessary storage.
Available resources? – IBC tanks, 22mm water pipe,

Location – lower than the house.

Use – to irrigate the polytunnels. Drinking.

Considerations – distribution – not enough head for gravity feed – 0.1 bar / metre height, total fall is max 3m.



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Their 'hobbit house' was the thing that got me started on my journey over a decade ago, and I was fortunate enough to meet and work with this amazing couple at Lammas Eco village in Pembrokeshire.

Simon & Jasmine Dale

Builders and permaculture designers,

Suzie has taught me a great deal, not only through the PDC that I completed at Dulra, but through following her journey as she set up and established Carraig Dulra Permaculture Farm.

Suzie Cahn

Permaculture teacher, Carraig Dulra

Charles' no nonsense approach to no dig growing has transformed the way I look at producing food, and his deep understanding of permaculture has been an inspiration. He was also kind enough to support our crowdfunding back in 2013.

Charles Dowding

Organic no dig grower, Homeacres

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