A view from the other side

Having spend two weeks looking at other people’s permaculture projects, I arrived home and pretty much my first job was to take a group of German permaculture visitors around Lackan. With the European Permaculture Convergence a week away they were taking the opportunity to visit permaculture sites around Ireland.

Although at that point I was exhausted, I had just been immersed in all things permaculture and so the experience was a valuable opportunity for both parties to obtain a knowledge yield as we toured around. They were surprised at how much we had been able to achieve in only six years, and I was relieved that a group of experienced practitioners seemed impressed at our project. It certainly gave us a confidence boost, and is part of a growing realisation that in Northern Ireland at least there this may be the only project of its kind.  Something we are looking to put on a more formal footing and which forms part of my diploma designs as Social Enterprise.

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