Designs: Steve Golemboski-Byrne

Diploma in a Applied Permaculture Design


Their 'hobbit house' was the thing that got me started on my journey over a decade ago, and I was fortunate enough to meet and work with this amazing couple at Lammas Eco village in Pembrokeshire.

Simon & Jasmine Dale

Builders and permaculture designers,

Suzie has taught me a great deal, not only through the PDC that I completed at Dulra, but through following her journey as she set up and established Carraig Dulra Permaculture Farm.

Suzie Cahn

Permaculture teacher, Carraig Dulra

Charles' no nonsense approach to no dig growing has transformed the way I look at producing food, and his deep understanding of permaculture has been an inspiration. He was also kind enough to support our crowdfunding back in 2013.

Charles Dowding

Organic no dig grower, Homeacres


Progress in summer 2019

So summer 2019 has come around very quickly and here we are at the midsummer solstice. Although my schedule is behind, I am making progress. We grazed the new forest garden field right down with the horses, and then seeded the areas that are due to remain as tracks or...

Winter progress

It is now approximately 7 weeks since the horses were completely withdrawn from the pasture, other than 1 day stint in the side field by the woods. The results are quite noticable – although the grass is growing much more slowly at this time of year, we’ve had a warm autumn and it is still growing. Certainly the biggest and most damaged of the fields is looking considerably better, and the bare soil is becoming covered.  This time last year it was damaged to the extent that the horses had churned the ground up and there was no growth on around a quarter of the field. This also resulted in a lot of puddles and standing water. This time we’re not seeing that, despite plenty of rainfall.

LAND centre pioneers

We're really pleased to have become the first Permaculture LAND centre in Northern Ireland. There are currently LAND networks in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, England and Wales. The LAND networks have been established to provide practical examples of land based...

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